CA-C1AX / CA-C2AX auxiliary input cable main features:

This CA-C1AX and CA-C2AX adapters convert the changer control socket on the back of most recent (1999 and later) Kenwood changer-controlling receivers into an auxiliary input.
The 100cm cable has a 13-pin male DIN connector at one end to plug into the rear of your radio and stereo female RCA plugs, or stereo 3.5mm jack plug at the other (allowing you to connect a portable MiniDisc or MP3 player, for example).

Compatible with Kenwood radio models including:

DDX6029, DPX501U, DPX701U, KDC-4021, KDC-4024, KDC-4027, KDC-4080R, KDC-4090R, KDC-4590R, KDC-5021, KDC-5024, KDC-5027, KDC-5080R, KDC-5090B, KDC-6021, KDC-6024, KDC-6070R, KDC-6080R, KDC-6090R, KDC-7021, KDC-7021SE, KDC-7024, KDC-7027, KDC-7070R, KDC-7080R, KDC-7090R, KDC-8021, KDC-8024, KDC-8070R, KDC-8080R, KDC-8090R, KDC-9090R, KDC-B7021, KDC-M4524, KDC-M6021G, KDC-M6024G, KDC-M7024, KDC-M9021, KDC-M907, KDC-MP6090R, KDC-MV6521, KDC-PS9070R, KDC-PS9080R, KDC-PS9590R, KDC-PS9521, KDC-PSW9524, KDC-PSW9527, KDC-PSW9531, KDC-V6090R, KDC-V6524, KDC-V7090R, KDC-V7521, KDC-W3537A/G, KDC-W4037, KDC-W4527, KDC-W4531, KDC-W4534, KDC-W5031, KDC-W5534U, KDC-W6027, KDC-W6031, KDC-W6527, KDC-W6531, KDC-W6534U, KDC-W7027, KDC-W7031, KDC-W707, KDC-W7531, KDC-W7534U, KDC-W8027, KDC-W808, KDC-W8531, KDC-W8534, KDC-W9027, KDC-WV6027, KDV-5234, KMD-6527, KMD-671R, KMD-673R, KMD-870R, KMD-PS970R, KMD-PS971R, KRC-23RG, KRC-25RG, KRC-278RG, KRC-279RG, KRC-294, KRC-33R, KRC-35R, KRC-378R, KRC-379R, KRC-391, KRC-394, KRC-478R, KRC-479R, KRC-578R, KRC-579B, KRC-579R, KRC-591, KRC-594, KRC-597, KRC-677R, KRC-678R, KRC-679R, KRC-691, KRC-694, KRC-777R, KRC-778R, KRC-779R, KRC-791, KRC-794, KRC-877R, KRC-878R, KRC-977R, KRC-PS1077R, KRC-PS978R, KRC-PS979R, KRC-V679R, KRC-V791, KRC-V879R, X838, Z638, Z828MP, Z838W, Z920DVD,