Kenwood XXV-04S component speakers (limited edition)

Kenwood XXV-04S component speakers (limited edition)

Limited Edition component speaker system introduced to celebrate Kenwood's 25th anniversary

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Kenwood XXV-04S component speakers (limited edition) key features

To celebrate Kenwood's 25th anniversary this speaker system has been designed with a single aim: to deliver the ultimate in pristine audio.

Extreme care was taken in technology, design materials and components. This includes the use of over-sized carbon-fibre cones, high-grade strontium magnets, cast aluminium baskets, titanium dome tweeters and high-performance crossover networks.

Prototyping and fine-tuning took hundreds of hours of meticulous lab work - longer than for any other Kenwood speaker.

  • Oversized 170mm carbon-fibre cone woofer. Carbon fibre construction realises excellent rigidity along with low weight, resulting in improved response for more realistic sound. Additionally, cone area is increased to deliver enhanced bass reproduction
  • High linearity spider. Speaker damper corrugations are wider and deeper than before allowing the spider to operate with greater linearity even under high power inputs
  • Heat transfer motor structure for woofer and tweeter. Magnetic drive circuitry is integrated with a single piece cast aluminium basket featuring high thermal conductivity to improve heat dissipation and enable stable sound reproduction
  • 25mm titanium hard-dome tweeter offering extremely fast response and superior high-frequency reproduction to faithfully deliver the tone and 'sizzle' of instruments such as cymbals. What's more, the large 25mm size improves crossover performance between tweeter and woofer
  • Zobel network circuit for the woofer is a series resistor-capacitor network that neutralises the problem of woofer impedance rising with increasing frequency.  Without this, the crossover network's filtering capabilities are cancelled, causing more high frequencies to be routed to the woofer. The result is stable operation with enhanced audio reproduction
  • Two-way tweeter mounting (Flush or Surface mounting)
  • High-grade strontium magnet
  • High quality crossover network with -18dB/oct HPF/LPF
  • Exclusive tweeter protection circuit
  • Woofer cut-off frequency switching device
  • 3-point tweeter attenuator
  • Bi-amp and Bi-wire capable