Kenwood KDC-CMP59FM modulator

Kenwood KDC-CMP59FM modulator

If your factory-fitted radio doesn't have provision for adding a CD changer, this CD / MP3 changer and FM modulator package is here to solve the problem.

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Kenwood KDC-CMP59FM modulator key features

The first of a new generation of Kenwood CD changers - one that allows playback of MP3 encoded discs has been combined with a FM modulator making it possible for everyone to experience MP3 in the car, whatever model of radio you have installed.

Searching for a CD and motorway driving don't make a great combination. Connect the Kenwood KDC-CMP59FM 10-disc CD changer to your Kenwood changer-controlling receiver — you'll appreciate the added safety and convenience of a multi-disc changer.

You will gain access to multiple playback options - track repeat, disc repeat, intro scan, and random play (for one disc or the whole magazine).

 This changer features Kenwood's integrated quad 1-bit digital-to-analogue converter for  detailed, accurate sound.

  • Frequency response 5-20,000 Hz 
  • Signal-to-noise ratio 100 dB 
  • 10 disc capacity 
  • CD-R/CD-R/W compatible 
  • Three possible mounting angles - 0º, 45º, or 90º
  • Dimensions: 270mm W x 80mm H x183mmD (approx)
  • Complete with remote controller, wired control panel (on end of 2.2m cable), CD changer with 5.0m connecting cable, full fitting and operating guide