Kenwood KDC-BT8041U CD receiver

Kenwood KDC-BT8041U CD receiver

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Kenwood KDC-BT8041U CD receiver key features

OEM remote control adaptors

CD receiver with built-in Bluetooth adaptor.

Rear USB port for direct iPod control or memory stick file storage.

Featuring Kenwood's new 'Emotional Illumination' removable front panel in blue.

4 x 50W max output power with RCA preamp outputs for connecting external amplifiers.

Infra-red remote control included.

Radio tuner features:

  • RDS-AF (alternate frequency) feature inaudibly retunes the receiver to the best available signal for the station that is currently selected
  • TA (traffic announcement) will switch station for the duration of a traffic report. The original station is restored at the end of the report
  • PTY-EON (programme type) information displays and allows selection of similar types of programme (news, pop, classics, sport etc.)
  • Full coverage of LW / MW / FM wavebands with 24 presets (18FM, 6MW, 6LW)
  • Auto-memory entry feature stores preset stations
  • Display of radio text information

CD / MP3 / WMA / AAC features:

  • Compatible with CD, MP3, WMA and AAC format files
  • CD-R and CD-R/W compatible
  • High quality 24-bit D/A converter circuits. 8 times oversampling
  • AAC compresses audio much more efficiently than the MP3 standard. Also used on the Apple iPod, Kenwood AAC compatible head units can reproduce files compressed using AAC-LC, including MPEG-4 and .m4a formats
  • 'Supreme' setting restores high frequency information to MP3 and WMA files recorded at low sample rates (less than 96kbps)
  • Scrolling display of CD text when present on media
  • Scrolling display of MP3 ID-3 tag information
  • Zero bit muting
  • Fast forward, Rewind, Track/File/Folder repeat, Random track play, Track repeat and Intro scan functions
  • Kenwood Music Editor software included on CD-ROM

Bluetooth features:

  • Call receive and disconnect. Private conversation feature
  • SMS download. (check received SMS, check sent SMS)
  • Phonebook download and search
  • 50 line call record (receive and send)
  • Six preset phone numbers for up to five different devices
  • Phone and audio device status display
  • Battery and signal strength displays
  • Voice recognition tag registration and confirmation
  • Phonebook search by voice tag

USB features:

  • Rear USB socket (Type 1.0 / 2.0) on end of short fly-lead
  • Allows iPod playback , charging and control using Apple cable supplied with iPod
  • MP3, WMA and AAC file playback via USB memory stick or hard drive (current consumption of hard drive must not exceed 500mA)

Amplifier features:

  • Four channel 4 x 50W max MOSFET power amplifier
  • Separate adjustments for bass, middle, treble, balance and fader
  • Bass-Boost loudness control
  • Two stereo preamp outputs (2.5volt) for adding an external amplifier or subwoofer
  • System Q equaliser with six preset settings (Rock, Jazz, Natural etc.) and three different speaker types (5inch, 6x9 inch, OEM)
  • System E's optionally cuts bass for front and rear speakers at an adjustable frequency, thus improving sound quality when a separate subwoofer is in use
  • Source tone memory stores equaliser settings for each source (FM radio, AM radio & CD)
  • Built in amplifier can be turned off if external amplification is used
  • Dual-zone sound output facility
  • Other features:
  • 131 x 23 dot FL display on three lines with automatic two-stage dimmer
  • Display off / Demo mode / Spectrum analyser display
  • Rear panel mounted USB port for connection to USB mass storage devices
  • Hand-held infra-red remote control included
  • Rear aux-input socket to accept auxiliary input cable for Walkman type device playback though radio
  • Can be linked to many models of dashboard information displays and factory-fitted remote controls (requires accessory adaptor)
  • Smooth rotary volume controller
  • Power timer will switch radio off after 20, 40 or 60 minutes to save vehicle battery
  • Clock display
  • Two-way telephone muting
  • Blue illuminated control buttons
  • Complete with release keys, ISO connecting loom, full fitting and operating guide

Security, warranty and insurance:

  • Removable front face with soft case pouch
  • System disabled indicator warning LED
  • Security code function

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