DNX9240BT Bluetooth GPS multimedia system

DNX9240BT Bluetooth GPS multimedia system

Kenwood's fully-featured DVD multimedia GPS navigation system with Bluetooth, surround sound processor and high resolution VGA display.

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DNX9240BT Bluetooth GPS multimedia system DNX9240BT Bluetooth GPS multimedia system DNX9240BT Bluetooth GPS multimedia system DNX9240BT Bluetooth GPS multimedia system

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DNX9240BT Bluetooth GPS multimedia system key features

EISA award winner

When nothing but the best will do and everything needs to be included, there is only one choice!

This top of the range Kenwood multimedia unit has the latest WVGA high resolution touch display screen, controlling the built-in Parrot Bluetooth, Garmin full European navigation, DVD/CD playback, iPhone and iPod direct control and last but not least a FM/AM radio.

Rear screen entertainment control with dual zone sound is also possible and a high quality digital sound processor fills the car with DVD full, home cinema surround-sound.

OEM remote control adaptors
  • Double-DIN sized 6.95 inch wide colour TFT active matrix display with interactive touch-screen control
  • Screen dimensions: 156.2W x 82.4H (mm) (336,960 pixels)
  • Fully motorized slide-down mechanism with motorized tilt angle adjustment in 7 steps (five down steps / flat / one reverse tilt step)
  • Multifunction key operation
  • DVD disc menu direct-touch operation (highlight control mode)
  • Audio easy control mode while playing visual source
  • Blue illuminated control buttons with red indicator LED
  • New amplifier control system with '2004+' PS amplifiers (EQ plus voltage / current / temperature / fan speed display)
  • Advanced B.M.S. (Bass Management System) with '2002+' PS amplifiers
  • Digital clock (12 / 24 hour display)
  • Infra-red remote control unit included (RC-DV420)
  • Apple iPod audio & video integration (video requires accessory cable)
  • Two accessory USB ports
  • Personalised display wallpaper plus selection of GUI 'skins'
  • Relay outputs for automatic garage door control etc.

GPS navigation features:

  • High performance GPS navigation computer with easy to use interface
  • Built-in TMC traffic congestion receiver (subscription required for UK use)
  • Pre-installed map data covering:
    • Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland: full coverage
    • Denmark: full coverage
    • Finland: full coverage
    • Norway: full coverage
    • Sweden: full coverage
    • Germany: full coverage
    • France: full coverage
    • Belgium: full coverage
    • Netherlands: full coverage
    • Luxembourg: full coverage
    • Italy: full coverage
    • Austria: full coverage
    • Switzerland: full coverage
    • Lichtenstein: full coverage
    • Spain: full coverage
    • Portugal (continental): full coverage
    • Chech Republic: Bradlec, Brno, Dalovice, Josefuv Dul, Karlovy Vary, Kosmonosy, Mlada Boleslav, Ostrava, Prague, Praha, Plzen and Repov
    • Greece: Athens
    • Estonia: detailed coverage of Talinne
    • Latavia: detailed coverage of the capital city or Riga
      Lithuania: detailed coverage of capital city of Vilnius
    • Poland: full coverage
    • Slovakia: detailed coverage of Bratislavia and Kosice
    • Hungary: detailed coverage of the Greater Budapest area, the Balaton area, Debrecen, Miskolc, Eger and Tokaj
    • Slovenia: detailed coverage of Ljubljana and Maribor
    • Croatia: detailed coverage of Zagreb, Rijeka and Pula, Split, Selin, Zadar, Dubrovnik and the Island of Krk
    • Bulgaria: detailed coverage of capital city of Sofija
    • Romania: detailed coverage of Bucuresti (Bucharest) and Timisoara
    • Moldova: major roads only
    • Serbia & Montenegro: major roads only
    • Albania: major roads only
    • Macedonia: major roads only
    • Ukraine: major roads only  
  • Destination input by address or postcode (full seven digit) 
  • Key layout of the keyboard is selectable (ABC or QWERTY)  
  • 2 or 3-dimentional map display
  • Day / night colour mode, route colour and text size settings
  • Auto zoom function
  • Turn-by-turn instructions via voice prompt
  • Hi-speed automatic re-route
  • Detour re-routing
  • Avoidance settings ( no toll roads, motorways etc.)
  • Three route preference options (fastest time, shortest distance, off road)
  • Track log display function
  • Trip computer (calculates and displays current / average / max speed, moving / stopped time)
  • TTS (Text to Speech) voice guidance in seven languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Route voice guidance in eighteen languages: English, Croatian, Czech, Flemish, German, Greek, Hungarian, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Danish, Slovenian, Swedish, Norwegian & Finnish
  • Multi destination search (Address, Food hotel, streets and cities, browse map, my locations, recent finds)
  • Can accept points of interest and speed camera location databases

A/V features:

  • Four channel 4 x 50W max power amplifier (4 x 30W RMS)
  • Dolby Digital, Dolby ProLogic II and DTS surround sound decoding built-in
  • Digital time alignment digitally delays outputs from each individual speaker to ensure that all four signals reach your ears simultaneously, thus creating an optimal sound field (up to 610cm in 5cm steps)
  • Four preamplifier gold-plated RCA outputs (5 volt) (front, rear, centre and subwoofer channels) for connecting optional external amplifiers
  • 1 RCA A/V output (PAL or NTSC according to the source)
  • 1 RCA A/V inputs (PAL / NTSC automatic selection)
  • Video input signal automatic-detection mode
  • Rear view camera connection ready (with 'mirror mode' display option)
  • System E's+ (Built-in high pass filter / low pass filter)
  • System QEX (Preset Sound Control)
  • Dual zone source & volume control
  • Attenuator(-20dB) with smooth volume return
  • 'Installer' and 'Backup' memory switch will return unit to a preset optimum calibration, as programmed by owner or installer

DVD & CD features:

  • DVD / DIVX / MPEG / JPEG video & DVD audio compatible player
  • DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD+R / DVD+RW media compatible (video format only)
  • VCD compatible
  • MPEG 1/2 video file (.mpg) & JPEG (.jpg) playback
  • WMA (Windows Media Audio) decoder
  • MP3 Decoder with display of ID-3 tag information
  • CD text ready
  • CD-R/RW compatible
  • 24-bit digital / analogue converter
  • Direct access with remote
  • Random / Repeat / Scan play

Radio tuner features:

  • RDS-AF (alternate frequency) feature inaudibly retunes the receiver to the best available signal for the station that is currently selected
  • TA (traffic announcement) will switch station for the duration of a traffic report. The original station is restored at the end of the report
  • PTY-EON (programme type) information displays and allows selection of similar types of programme (news, pop, classics, sport etc.)
  • Full coverage of LW / MW / FM wavebands with 24 presets (18FM, 6MW, 6LW)
  • Auto-memory entry feature automatically stores preset stations
  • Display of radio text information

Bluetooth features:

  • Built-in Bluetooth interface (version 1.2 certified)
  • Hands Free Profile, Serial Port Profile and Headset Profile included
  • A2DP Advanced Audio Distribution Profile included
  • AVRCP Audio / Visual Remote Control Profile included
  • OPP Object Push Profile included
  • PBAP Phone Book Access Profile included
  • SYNC Synchronisation Profile included


  • Will accept auxiliary input cable for Walkman type device playback though radio
  • On screen touch control of iPod using Apple cable. iPod video playback on screen with accessory KCA-IP301V video cable
  • Fast USB port (version 2.0) for connecting external file stores
  • Automatic muting when connected car phone is in use
  • Optional TV tuner can be added
  • External relay controls for on-screen switching of garage doors etc.
  • Can be linked to many models of factory-fitted remote controls (requires accessory adaptor)

Installation Parts

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