Kenwood DNX-7200 navigation system

Kenwood DNX-7200 navigation system

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Kenwood DNX-7200 navigation system key features

OEM remote control adaptors

DNX-7200 multimedia system main features:

  • Double-DIN sized 6.95 inch wide colour TFT active matrix display with interactive touch-screen control
  • Screen dimensions: 156.2W x 82.4H (mm) (336,960 pixels)
  • Fully motorized slide-down mechanism with motorized tilt angle adjustment in 7 steps (five down steps / flat / one reverse tilt step)
  • Multifunction key operation
  • DVD disc menu direct-touch operation (highlight control mode)
  • Audio easy control mode while playing visual source
  • Blue illuminated control buttons with red indicator LED
  • New amplifier control system with 2004+ PS amplifiers (EQ plus voltage / current / temperature / fan speed display)
  • Advanced B.M.S. (Bass Management System) with '2002+' PS amplifiers
  • Digital clock (12 / 24 hour display)
  • Infra-red remote control unit included (RC-DV420)
  • Apple iPod audio & video integration (requires accessory cable)
  • Accessory USB port
  • Personalised display wallpaper plus selection of GUI skins
  • Two relay outputs for automatic garage door control etc.

GPS navigation features:

  • High performance GPS navigation computer with easy to use interface
  • Pre-installed map data (UK & Western Europe incl Czech republic)
  • Destination input by address or postcode (full seven digit)
  • Key layout of the keyboard is selectable (ABC or QWERTY)
  • 2or 3-dimentional map display
  • Day / night colour mode, route colour and text size settings
  • Auto zoom function
  • Turn-by-turn instructions via voice prompt
  • Hi-speed automatic re-route
  • Detour re-routing
  • Avoidance settings ( no toll roads, motorways etc.)
  • Three route preference options (fastest time, shortest distance, off road)
  • Track log display function
  • Trip computer (calculates and displays current / average / max speed, moving / stopped time)
  • TTS (Text to Speech) voice guidance in seven languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese
  • Route voice guidance in eleven languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian & Finnish
  • Multi destination search (Address, Food hotel, streets and cities, browse map, my locations, recent finds)
  • Can accept points of interest and speed camera location databases
  • Compatible with Kenwood GTM-10 TMC tuner for automatic real-time traffic congestion avoidance  (optional accessory)

A/V features:

  • Four channel 4 x 50W max power amplifier (4 x 30W RMS)
  • Three stereo preamplifier gold-plated RCA outputs (front, rear and subwoofer channels) for connecting optional external amplifiers
  • 1 RCA A/V output (PAL or NTSC according to the source)
  • 1 RCA A/V inputs (PAL / NTSC automatic selection)
  • Video input signal automatic-detection mode
  • Rear view camera connection ready (with 'mirror mode display option)
  • System Es+ (Built-in high pass filter / low pass filter)
  • System Q (Preset Sound Control)
  • Dual zone source & volume control
  • Attenuator(-20dB) with smooth volume return
  • Installer and Backup memory switch will return unit to a preset optimum calibration, as programmed by owner or installer

DVD & CD features:

  • DVD / DIVX / MPEG / JPEG video & DVD audio compatible player
  • DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD+R / DVD+RW media compatible (video format only)
  • VCD compatible
  • MPEG 1/2 video file (.mpg) & JPEG (.jpg) playback
  • WMA (Windows Media Audio) decoder
  • MP3 Decoder with display of ID-3 tag information
  • CD text ready
  • CD-R/RW compatible
  • 24-bit digital / analogue converter
  • Direct access with remote
  • Random / Repeat / Scan play

Radio tuner features:

  • RDS-AF (alternate frequency) feature inaudibly retunes the receiver to the best available signal for the station that is currently selected
  • TA (traffic announcement) will switch station for the duration of a traffic report. The original station is restored at the end of the report
  • PTY-EON (programme type) information displays and allows selection of similar types of programme (news, pop, classics, sport etc.)
  • Full coverage of LW / MW / FM wavebands with 24 presets (18FM, 6MW, 6LW)
  • Auto-memory entry feature automatically stores preset stations
  • Display of radio text information


  • Compatible with Kenwood CD disc changers (dual changer controls)
  • Will accept auxiliary input cable for Walkman type device playback though radio
  • On screen touch control of Apple iPod via accessory KCA-IP200 cable. iPod video playback on screen with accessory KCA-IP300 video cable
  • Fast USB port (version 2.0) for connecting external file stores
  • Automatic muting when connected car phone is in use
  • Optional TV tuner can be added
  • Optional Bluetooth car phone interface can be added
  • Can be linked to many models of factory-fitted remote controls (requires accessory adaptor)

Security and warranty:

  • Security code protected with indicator LED



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